Tuesday, October 12, 2010

July 26, 2010

This week has been slow but we had a couple of miracles. I love little miracles because it makes all of the hard times worth it. Oh..I had a headache for a few days after zone activity but I'm totally fine now ;)

On Tuesday when we were tracting, we weren't having much success. The street we were on was being very mean to us but we kept on going. Then we knocked on a door and met a man named Skippy. He was really nice to us and as we got talking with him, we found out that he just recently got divorced and he has 2 little girls. He is going through a lot and he is searching for truth and happiness in his life. We testified how the gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed our lives and how it could bless his. He said we could come back again so we left our information for him. Well the next day, he called us! We were so shocked because no one ever calls us when we leave them with our information. He thanked us for coming by! It was so nice because no one ever does that. He said he wanted to learn more. On Friday we stopped by his house and he let us come right in and we taught him a lesson and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. He has so much potential! I am so grateful that we met him and I hope he will progress in the gospel. He honestly seems to be searching for a "home" and I know he can find it in the gospel.

Oh here is a funny story. In sacrament meeting, the talks were all focused on pioneers. One lady started sharing a story and it sounded really familiar. After church I realized it was familiar because it was a story about our ancestors, Mary Ann Mellor and Louisa Mellor Clark. What a small world huh?! I am going to talk to the lady who gave the talk and ask if they are her relatives or if she just read about their story. Maybe we are related!

On Thursday we had a great lesson with the Daniels family. We thought it would be a good idea to take them on a church tour so they can feel the spirit in the church and feel more comfortable knowing where everything is. The spirit was very strong as we taught them. When we came into the chapel, we decided to sing a couple hymns. We sang "Families Can Be Together Forever", "I am a Child of God", "I Know My Father Lives", and "The Spirit of God". It was so neat hearing them sing these hymns! We had great fellowship too who helped testify of the blessings that the gospel has brought to their family. It was a really neat experience to be there with their whole family! I know they felt the spirit and when we followed up with Joe and Paulette at our lesson on Sunday, they are both progressing! I am so happy for them and that they are starting to progress. We are going to start teaching their whole family instead of just the parents. I love their family and I hope they can continue to progress and see the joy that the gospel could bring into their lives and that they can continue to feel our Heavenly Father's love for them.

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