Tuesday, October 12, 2010

July 19, 2010

Another week has come and gone! I can't believe it is almost August already! Man time is flying. The last couple of weeks have been really tough for us. We have been working really hard trying to find new investigator's but have been struggling. We continue to work hard though and I know things will turn around as we continue to increase our faith!!

This week we had interviews with President Larkin which was awesome! He is such a great man and i'm so grateful to have him as a mission president. He is very spiritual and everything he says helps encourage me to have the desire to be a better individaul and person. The Asssistants also gave some training which was really good. I don't remember specifically what was said but the spirit was so strong in that meeting! It helped give me a better perspective about missionary work. I also had a great interview with President and he gave me some great counsel.

We had a mini miracle this week! Ok...to me it seems like a huge miracle. Last transfer we tracted into this really nice family. We weren't able to teach them there but they said we could come back. So the last couple of weeks we have been trying to catch them at home but they are never home when we go. But...get this. We were in Subway getting lunch one day and guess who walks in? That family! We were able to talk with them for a few minutes and they said we could come by sometime. I don't know if anything will happen with that family but it was a tender mercy from the Lord. Its the little miracles and experiences like this one that give me added strength!

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