Tuesday, October 26, 2010

25 October 2010

Hey family!

This has been a great week. Thanks for all the "hump day" packages and letters. I can't believe I'm already half way done already. Thanks for the cake dad. It was awesome!! You should become a professional cake decorator!

On Monday we put Linda and Amanda on date for October 30th! They are still a little nervous but we are helping them. We have a lesson with them tonight to finish teaching all of the commandments and review the Baptismal Interview Questions. I hope everything goes smoothly this week. They are so ready! Its gonna be a crazy week getting everything ready but I'm so excited. I just hope they stick with it and see the blessings that will come to them as they get baptized and receive the gift of the holy ghost. Me and Sister Furugen haven't been able to stop smiling since they decided to be baptized. There is no greater joy than helping someone into the waters of baptism!

We were only able to visit Kay once this week because she was crazy busy and had a family emergency. She is doing great though and is still excited to be baptized. She knows this church is true! I don't remember if I told you this last week or not, but she is already inviting people to her baptism. The gospel is truly making her happy! She is gonna be baptized on November 13th.

On Monday we had dinner at a members house, the Body's, with Skippy. It went really well and we think Skippy had a good time. After dinner we shared the first vision and talked a little about the restoration. A day or two later, he called us and said something along the lines of that after he prayed, he saw the restoration pamphlet or plan of salvation pamphlet ( I can't remember which one) glowing. He said he had only seen that light or glow one other time in his life. It sounds a little crazy but I thought that was a neat experience. We helped him recognize that that must be a sign for him that the church is true. We have had a hard time getting hold of him and getting solid lessons but we are gonna keep on trying. He is a great guy and he see's the good in our church. Hopefully things will go well this week and we will have better luck getting lessons with him.

We had the great opportunity of hearing from Elder Ringwood of the seventy on Wednesday night at a fireside that he put on. It was up in Renton. Karen and Terry took us and it was a fun mini road trip. It was great to hear from him and to hear his testimony. We also got to see all the English speaking sisters ( 9 of us) in our mission plus two of the Spanish hermanas. It was neat seeing everyone and feeling the spirit as Elder Ringwood spoke. The next day we had zone conference with him and it was really neat. I learned a lot from him, his wife, President Larkin, and Sister Larkin. It was a spiritually uplifting experience. During lunch, me and the sisters sat by Elder and Sister Ringwood. They are really nice, great people!

On Saturday, our ward (Victor Falls) put on a ward carnival and trunk or treat. It was so much fun! There were a ton of people there and most of them were non-members. Linda and Amanda came, and so did one of our investigator's named Carla, and also Paulette Daniels and her 2 girls. We had so much fun!

Its been a great week! This is the last week of the transfer so we are planning on having a great week and to end it with a baptism. I'm a little nervous to see what happens cause I've been here since May but I know if anything changes, its what needs to happen. I guess I'll find out on Saturday! Oh...and Sister Gibbons leaves on Monday. I'm sad but I get to see her today one last time so it should be fun.

Well I hope you all had a great week! I love you all!

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