Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First word from the MTC

I have been wanting to write you all week but my p-day wasn't till today!!Thank you for all of the letters and packages! Its so exciting getting letters here at the MTC! It feels like Christmas every-time I can something. Oh you probably want to know how I'm doing. haha All I can say is that the MTC is AWESOME!!! I absolutely love it!! It is so cool being surrounded by over 2,000 missionaries. It is one of the neatest places on earth!! I thought I was gonna be really homesick but I haven't been homesick at all since I've been here! The Lord has truly blessed me with not having to deal with that!! Aw...there is so much I want to say but I don't have a lot of time. I wish I could share all the wonderful experiences I have had in just a week!! I'll share a couple of them now and I will also send a letter later today! Well first off, I actually have two companions. The first one is Sister Chelsea Short!! It was so exciting finding out that we were companions! My other companion is Sister Latu. She is from Maui, Hawaii! Cool huh?! Its been a lot of fun having them as companions. Also, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the district I am. They already feel like family!! In my district there are 8 people and we are with each other pretty much all the time, whether its in the classroom or eating in the cafe together. We have grown so close already! I'm already dreading having to say goodbye to them in a couple weeks :( Here is who is in my district :) My companionship Elder Mulivai- from oahu!

Elder Einfeldt- from Kaysville, he is also our district leader Elder Talbot- from Arizona Elder Bryant- from Pennsylvania Elder Christensen- from Cottonwood heights

Elder Einfeldt is going to Riverside California and everyone else, except for me and sister short, are going to the Oakland-San Fransisco mission! It kinda stinks that we aren't going to the same mission but I'm glad I have been able to get to know them. We have a lot of fun but also a lot of really good spiritual discussions. It is so neat that we are all studying the gospel together because the more we grow spiritually together, the more the feel like family. Its a really neat bond!!

Since I've been here I have run into quite a few people that I know or at least recognize.

Elder Jeff Crocket- my age

Elder TJ White!

Elder Matt Woodside

Elder Cameron Sevier

Just today I saw Cameron's sister coming in!

Oh and Elder Hauck who is Hilary's age

Elder Nick Redmon! Mom he told me to tell you hi :) Elder Paul Oakey- he is my friend Heather's younger brother

I know there is more but I'm running out of time so I will tell you more about it in my letter. I usually just get to say hi to them but its still cool seeing people that you know :)

I love all of you so much!! I miss you but I know that this is what i'm suppose to do. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I've been learning so much over the last week especially about the spirit. I keep wanting to feel the spirit so strongly but I've been learning that having peace in your heart is also the spirit. Aw...I'm probably not making any sense!! I am trying to type so fast!!

Oh before I forget...I have run into Elder Lane Deines but its usually just a quick hi. he isn't in my district so i don't see him very often. It was cool though because yesterday we had a meeting with a couple districts and I was able to talk to him for a few minutes and I was finally able to meet the other elders going to Seattle! It was cool to meet them but I'm so glad I'm in the district that I am. The Elders in my class still have their boy moments but they aren't rude or disgusting. They are really kind and respectful of us sisters. They open the doors for us, pick up our food trays when we are done eating, and they stand when we are sitting down at the table. They are amazing!! The elders in my district really don't act like normal 19 year old boys. We all get a long and there are never any problems. Man I can't stop saying how much I love them!!

The spirit here at the MTC is so strong. It is way busy and tiring sometimes but its so amazing. I have learned so so much about the gospel and myself! The MTC is different than I thought it would be but it is 10 times better!! Its so neat to be surrounded by the gospel 24/7. Also, today I was able to go to the temple and it was so neat to be in the temple where our family started. It was such a neat feeling!! I love you guys so much!!! Thanks again for all the letters because I love hearing what's going on at home!! I won't be on my e-mail till next week but I will send a letter later and some pictures in a few days :) I love love love you!!


Sister Hughes :)

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